Tomb E14 south at el-Bersheh


In 1897 Daressy excavated in an area lower down from some of the large rock-cut tombs at el Bersheh. In the vicinity of the tomb of Kai he found three shafts close together. At the bottom of one of these were two chambers opposite each other. The northern chamber had been robbed, but the southern one had not.

Daressy-1900 pp. 32-39

This chamber, located deeper than the northern chamber, had escaped ancient searches and was found absolutely intact, the door 1 m. 65 cm. high was blocked by four slabs, two of which were lying down and the others upright. The chamber is 2 m. 95 cm. long and 1 m. 95 cm. wide, its floor slightly sloping. In its eastern wall there is a niche 65 cm. wide and 68 cm. deep, placed 7 cm. above the floor and rising to the ceiling, which contained the canopic box. [...] The sarcophagus was pushed against the west wall of the chamber, [... most] of the funerary furnishings were placed on the lid of the sarcophagus as shown in the sketch [...]

Excavation Report


Reference (Bibliography)

Daressy G, Fouilles de Deir el Bircheh (Novembre-Décembre 1897), Annales du Service des Antiquités de l'Égypte, Vol. I (1900), pp. 17-43·, 1900


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