Tomb 19B at el-Bersheh


Terrace-1968b. pp 18,19

Story’s Tomb 19 is the same as Newberry’s Tomb 4 (Neheri son of Kemi). This tomb, on the basis of the style of its fragmentary reliefs (an exaggeration: the scenes are only strongly incised) and its inscriptions and the graffiti of the same Neheri in the Hatnub quarries, is dated to the very end of the Herakleopolitan period and the beginning of the

Eleventh Dynasty. Within the chamber of this tomb was sunk a pit, numbered 19 B by Story, from which came several very fine wood sculptures and faience objects.” Although a few fragments of coffin sides and a complete canopic chest were in the burial chamber, no inscription gives us the name of the owner of the tomb or an indication of the sex of the deceased.


  1. Unknown