Tomb C at Sheikh Ibada


The site consisted of the remains of a number of pits, identified by depressions in the ground.

Most were ransacked, severely decayed, or both. This tomb was found "barely one hundred meters from the Mer-Khent burial site" (Tomb A). It "had similarly escaped the notice of ancient searchers [and] yielded a sarcophagus and a certain number of pieces of its furniture"

adapted from Gayet-1902

Excavation Report

Gayet-1902, pp. 43-5

Reference (Bibliography)

Gayet A, L'exploration des nécropoles Greco-Byzantines d'Antinoe et les sarcophages de tombes pharaoniques de la ville antique, Annales du Musée Guimet 30:2, 25-46., 1902


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