Tomb A at Sheikh Ibada


. . . ancient devastation had accomplished its work. At that time, when the method of establishment of the vaults was known to everyone, it was easy for looters to make sure that the thin rock walls that separated the vaults from each other were breached, and thus to rob an entire cemetery neighborhood, walking underground, without attracting attention. Many graves had been ransacked in this way; however, a few escaped the notice of researchers.

One of the most complete and best-preserved of these tombs is that of Privy Councillor Mer-Khent. The sarcophagus, seven centimeters thick, affects the shape of the rectangular coffins of Dynasty XIIth. [...] inscriptions, painted on its rim and lid, are its only decoration.[...] A second sarcophagus, entirely worm-eaten, was next to that of Mer-Khent

Gayet 1902, pp 40-41

Excavation Report

Gayet-1902, pp. 40-41

Reference (Bibliography)

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