Tomb 274 at Sedment


Petrie "cleared" the cemetery at Sedment, he describes the contents of those burials where something had survived.

Petrie-etal-1924, pp. 2-4:

The most important tomb was that of Ra-mery- ha-shetef, dated to the middle of the Vlth dynasty by the name. In the northern face of a low hill (cemetery A) a courtyard was cut, with a subterranean chamber at the back of it, which contained three plain coffins with bodies of women (lxxxi, 9). In the east corner of the open court a square shaft descended about forty feet to the burial chamber.

See also Sedment 274 at UCL's Digital Egypt.

Excavation Report

Petrie-etal-1924, pp. 2-4

Reference (Bibliography)

Petrie W M F, Brunton G, Sedment I+II. 1924, BSAE XXXIV, XXXV. London, 1924


  1. Mry-ra-xa-St.f