Tomb 2106 at Sedment


Petrie-etal-1924, p. 10-11: 2106, Uazet-hetep, was the only tomb of this period found untouched. The pit, 40 X 95 and 115 inches deep, had a room on the south about 80 X 100 X 40 in very bad crumbly ground. The bricking up was intact, bricks 14 X 6 X 2 1/2 inches. In the shaft lay debris from another grave: pot-sherds (16E) pieces of coffin, and a flint flake with saw edge.

Excavation Report

Petrie-etal-1924, p. 10-11

Reference (Bibliography)

Petrie W M F, Brunton G, Sedment I+II. 1924, BSAE XXXIV, XXXV. London, 1924


  1. Wadjethotep