Tomb 2105 at Sedment


Petrie "cleared" the cemetery, he describes the contents of those burials where something had survived.

Petrie-etal-1924, p. 10:

2105 also had a recess on the east side, 12X90X15 inches, with the set of 5 models in position, but no ka figure. The order was, from north to south: the domestic scene and the two maids, side by side: then the granary: then the rowing boat, bows north: and at the south end the sailing boat, bows south. A delightful feature was the tiny leather bag held in the hand of one of the granary men and contain- ing the set of model tools. The bag was triangular in long vertical section: each side ended in a row of little pierced flaps, and these were held together by a stick, passing through the holes of each flap alternately. The stick also passed through the tops of little triangular pieces which were bent up to form the ends.

Excavation Report

Petrie-etal-1924, p. 10

Reference (Bibliography)

Petrie W M F, Brunton G, Sedment I+II. 1924, BSAE XXXIV, XXXV. London, 1924


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