Tomb group 10 at Saqqara


Tooley-1989 p.25 : Saqqara tomb group 10 (of Lepsius) consisted of at least 3 shafts and 5 chambers containing the jumbled remains of 8 burials ... The burial chamber of gmn-wsr (Lepsius 1897, 158) yielded fragmented remains of ... a butcher scene (West Berlin 1367 1368. Lepsius 1913, XLVI),

Excavation Report


Reference (Bibliography)

Lepsius K R, Denkmaler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien, 12 vols. of plates, 5 vols. of text, supplement. Berlin, Nicolai, 1849-1859., 1859 Tooley A M J, Middle Kingdom Burial Customs, a Study of Wooden Models Related Material, 1989, University of Liverpool - PhD thesis., 1989


  1. Gmn-wsr