Tomb HMK26 at Saqqara


A large pit ending in chamber on S. side at about 9 m. 30. This is probably the burial chamber of Satinteti. At about 3.3 metres from the mouth of the shaft and in the same direction a second burial chamber had been cut.

This chamber contained 3 coffins, which the excavators labelled A, B and C. Coffin C was much later than the 2 original burials.

Firth-Gunn-1926a pp. 50-1

adapted from Firth-Gunn-1926a, fig 53

Excavation Report


Reference (Bibliography)

Firth C M, Gunn B G, Excavations at Saqqara: Teti pyramid cemeteries. 2 vols. Cairo, 1926, IFAO, 1926


  1. Ipyankhu (coffin A)
  2. Ipyankhu (coffin B)