Tomb 2757 at Saqqara


The tomb was a shaft about 4m deep and Quibell notes that "No superstructure was observed". His sketch of the tomb is:

(Quibell-Hayter-1927, pp 11-12)

Tooley (Tooley-1989 pp. 55-6) describes the tomb as follows:

Tomb 2757 contained the double burial of inpw-m-h3t and Wsr-mwt (Quibell 1927, 11-5; Porter and Moss 1931, 145; 1978, 549-550). The chamber was stepped, the later burial of Wsr-mwt being placed on a ledge between the chamber and shaft. Both burials were in double coffins and accompanied by models.[ . . . ] The pottery from the tomb is comparable with that of K3-rnn, possibly a little earlier. The model types and their execution are certainly comparable. The masks from the tomb have been dated PIP to Senwosret I and late 11 dyn. to early 12 dyn. (Rogge 1986, 53-4), but an 11 dyn. date is preferred.

Excavation Report

Quibell-Hayter-1927, pp. 11-15

Reference (Bibliography)

Quibell J E, Hayter A G K, Excavations at Saqqara. Teti Pyramid North Side. Cairo: Imprimerie de l'Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, 1927., 1927


  1. Inpw-m-HAt
  2. wsr-mwt