Tomb XVI or XVIII at Qau el-Kebir


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The rock-cut tombs of Qau el-Kebir are the largest private monuments of the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC). The tombs are heavily destroyed, but the finds show that the decoration and equipment of the tombs must have been of the highest quality (reliefs, statues, sarcophagi). Through the destruction and through the repetition of names (Wah-ka, Ibu) the succession of the tomb owners is still under discussion, but the larger tombs clearly date to the Twelfth Dynasty.

Although this is the site of major MK tombs only small fragments of their models survive - see Petrie-1930 pp. 9-11.

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Petrie W M F, Antaeopolis. The tombs of Qau, London., 1930


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