Tomb Re-hetepi and Kayet at Meir


On the 24th of September 1910, at Meir, Kamal

opened an intact tomb, still closed by its wooden door. It is oriented to the north and the cellar measures 3 meters in length by 2m 25 cm in width and 1.6m in height. It contained two wooden coffins placed next to each other.

In the little space that separated the coffins and the east wall of the cellar, I collected two complete boats, a granary, an offering bearer, a beer factory, two long canes and a few pieces of wood of no interest.

Kamal-1912 p. 99.

Inscriptions on the coffins identified the owners as Re-hetepi and Kayet. However the models could not be ascribed to either individually.


  1. Re-hetepi or Kayet