Tomb Djehuty at Lisht


To do this [excavate a large pit to reach tombs] it was necessary to lay down a new railway line in order to get rid of the debris. In trenching what looked like bare desert suitable for a dump we came on brick walls which, as we extended the clearing, turned out to be the inclosures of several brick mastabahs.

One of these mastabahs had been rather elaborate, with a porch in its east facade. The inner walls of the porch had been lined with limestone decorated with relief, and the roof had been supported by four fluted columns. Only the bases of these remained, however, and nothing but fragments of the relief from the porch and from the offering chamber behind it. The pit and burial chamber, too, had been thoroughly looted, but we were able to recover the owner's name, Thtty [Djehuty], and several of his titles from fragments of his stela. Adapted from Lansing, 1933

Excavation Report

Lansing 1933, pp 18-19

Reference (Bibliography)

Lansing A, The Egyptian Expedition 1931-1932: The Museum's excavations at Lisht, BMMA 28, part II, 3-22., 1933


  1. Djehuty