Tomb Pit 5 at Deir el-Bahri


From Naville, The XIth Dynasty Temple at Deir el-Bahari, Part I. (1907) p. 44, 46

[Pits ] Nos.3-6. [ were ] On the Temple-Platform. Placed in a row at approximately equal distances from each other beneath the floor of the outer upper colonnade (the pillars of which have disappeared) facing north. They lie north and south. All are chamber tombs of the same type as No.2 [a single rectangular chamber with a rectangular pit of unequal depth]

Pit No.5.[...] Length of shaft, 10ft.5in.; width,5ft.2in.; least depth,13ft.,greatest,15ft.6in. The entrance to the chamber, 5ft. in height, is closed, not by a brick wall, but by two tall slabs of sandstone set up endways. The larger of these measures 5ft.7in.high by 2ft.10in. broad; the smaller 4ft.10in. high by 1ft. broad. This stands on a small block, 1ft 9in. long by 6in. high. The space between the stones and walls was filled up with fragments of bricks and mortar. Height of step down into chamber, 1ft. 11in., length of chamber, 11ft.; width, 6ft.2.5 in., height, 7ft.3 in. in centre; the roof is slightly rounded; the floor irregular in level. Violated.

Remains of four models, a boat, a granary, a bakery, and a group of soldiers, werefound. Of this last model, which must have been like the famous military models from Meir in the Cairo Museum, two figures of black soldiers with shield and spear, and several loose shields were recovered. The shields represent the usual wooden shields of the period, covered with black-and-white ox-hide.

Two important objects from this tomb, which have been brought back and are now in the British Museum and the Edinburgh Museum respectively, are tall figures of female slaves, carrying baskets on their heads


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