Tomb BH 752 at Beni Hasan


Garstang inventory list

i. Two wooden model shields.
ii. Wooden figure [? Ka figure].
iii. Two sliding doors of granary and decayed fragments of wood.
iv. Eight wooden figures (Decayed).
v. Large wooden figure, possibly from bakery scene.
vi. Cylindrical green and black glazed beaus; six globular beads, green glazed.
vii. Small vases.
viii. Portion of bronze tool.
Pottery, Types 2, 3, 4 (Small), 6, 15 (two), 23, 25, 26 (two), 2S, 32 (seven), 40 (three), 45, and two dishes.

Excavation Report

Garstang Burial Customs


  1. Unknown