Tomb BH 511 at Beni Hasan


Garstang inventory list

i. Masts, part of sail, figures and oars from model boats.
ii. Figures from models of industrial groups.
iii. Ear of cartonage.
iv. Fragments of coffin.
v. Large bronze mirror; another smaller.
vi. Battle axe on staff. Fig. 165. (Cairo Mus.)
vii. Small green glazed vase.
viii. Number of small glazed beads and bronze beads. Three large pendants of carnelian , and large carnelian ball bead.
ix. Ear-ring of silver.
x. Large flint implement.
xi. Three small bronze tools with handles.
xii. Head rest of wood.
Pottery, Types 16, 27, 34, 37, 40 (two), two dishes and pottery figure.

Excavation Report

Garstang Burial Customs

Reference (Bibliography)

Garstang J, The Burial Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, as illustrated by Tombs of the Middle Kingdom, 1907, London, Constable., 1907


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