Tomb BH 500 at


Burial of Ma'a, district inspector. (Found undisturbed.) Fig. 148.

Garstang inventory list

i. Sailing boat with representation of dead figure on board. Fig. 91. (Ash. Mus.)
ii. Rowing boat with canopy, conveying the dead. Fig.91. (Cairo Mus.)
iii. Model of granary.
iv. Wooden beard and ears from cartonage mask.
v. Bird's head 0f carved wood.
vi. Blue glazed ball beads.
vii. Three beads of carnelian.
viii. Painted and inscribed coffin. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
Pottery, Types 3, 17, 25 (small), 45 (two), and 46.


  1. Ma'a