Tomb BH 487 at Beni Hasan


Burial of Senb[u]- Fig.102. (Pl. v.)

Garstang inventory list

i. Mirror.
ii. Wooden box (decayed). Fig. 102.
iii. Two jewels in form of fish, and small lions, charm case (filigree), mounted scarab, bracelets, pendants and stones. Figs. 104-5. (Cairo Mus.)
iv. Necklaces of berries, small shells and scorpions' stings.
v. Glazed bar beads (3 cms.).
vi. Nine alabaster vases. Fig. 106.
vii. Wooden inlaid box. Fig. 103.
viii. Ivory inlaid box. Fig. 103.
ix. Smaller box as above. Fig. 103.
x. Hair (false plait).
xi. Very decayed remains of (?) musical instrument.
xii. Painted model of man and dog in unbaked clay. Fig. 194.
      man with dog
xiii. Model of brewer (same material). Fig.194
xiv. Cylindrical ivory vase with loop handle and four legs. Fig. 107.
xv. Faience vase, lotus leaf pattern, lid plain. Fig. 107.
xvi. Three ivory hair pins and kohl stick Fig. 107.
xvii. One wooden kohl stick.
xviii. Metal pin and needle.
xix. Kohl palette and kohl pestle. Fig.107
xx. Pieces of antimony and haematite.
xxi. Large earthenware dishes and stoppered vases of type 45.
xxii. Remains of coffin and cartonage.

Excavation Report

Garstang Burial Customs

Reference (Bibliography)

Garstang J, The Burial Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, as illustrated by Tombs of the Middle Kingdom, 1907, London, Constable., 1907


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