Tomb BH 287 at Beni Hasan


Burial of Senu-atef and others. Figs. 152, 182, 287.

Garstang inventory list

i. Rowing boat with lotus prow and crew, eight figures (partly destroyed).
ii. Sailing boat with crew (decayed, partly destroyed).
iii. Remnants of model granary, brewing scene, etc. (in poor condition).
      fragments granary
      fragments brewery
iv. Beads of carnelian, silver, shell, and green glaze (bar shaped and ball shaped). Also two glazed semicircular attachments for collar of beads (as in Fig. 101).
v. Scarab with name Mer-urt(?), and one other uninscribed.
vi. Two gold rings.
vii. Cowries of silver and one of stamped leather.
viii. Rectangular kohl box, inlaid with ebony and ivory, four tubes (Fitz. Mus.); another of four tubes. Fig.108.
ix. Wooden box inlaid with ebony, with sliding- Lid tied with string, and four legs. Fig 109. (Pr. Coll. F. H. Price.)
x. Kohl box of plain wood.
xi. Small kohl vessel of wood, inlaid with ivory and ebony, top tied with cloth. Height 4 cms., width 3.5 cms. Fig. 109. (Ash. Mus.)
xii. Small kohl vessel of wood with two tubes. Fig. 109.
xiii. Wooden dish with rosette pattern. Fig. 109. (Fitz. Mus.)
xiv. Small scalpel, hooked knife, and double edge knife with wooden handle. Fig. 109; vide also p. 616.
xv. Vase of alabaster covered with cloth. Fig. 109.
xvi. Large round basket containing dom nuts. Fig. 113.
xvii. Medium sized basket containing cloth and jar.
xviii. Jar of black pottery with handle from xvii.
xix. Small basket, empty.
xx. Basket containing hair.
xxi. Basket containing the two inlaid kohl vessels No. viii. Fig. 108.
xxii. Oval basket with lid, of fine texture.
xxiii. Two wooden head rests, plain, as in Fig. 113 .
xxiv. Wooden folding head rest with metal rivet. Fig. 113. (Pr. Coll. Mr. J. Rankin.)
xxv. Frame of bed. Fig. 119.
xxvi. Chair with crossed legs. Fig. 119. (Ash. Mus.)
xxvii. Staff of wood with gold leaf mount and bifurcated end (possibly used in spinning).
xxviii. Reed pen (?).
xxix. Wooden harp. Fig. 153. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
xxx. Two throwing sticks. Fig. 166. (Liv. Inst. Arch.)
Pottery, Types, two of No. 33. (Pl. xiv.) Two of No. 68. (Pl. xvi.). Five of No. 32. (Pl. x iii.) And five vases not corresponding with any precise type but of XII. to early XVIIIth Dyn. style.

Excavation Report

Garstang Burial Customs

Reference (Bibliography)

Garstang J, The Burial Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, as illustrated by Tombs of the Middle Kingdom, 1907, London, Constable., 1907


  1. Senu-atef and others