Tomb MR1 at Abusir


Tooley-1989 p. 59: Tomb MR1 is a family vault for 4 burials (Porter and Moss 1931, 81; 1974, 345). On the coffin lid of the Hm-nTr Hwt-Hr, sat-bastt was an offering-bearer (Bremen B.13110). [.. p. 225] Dimensions unknown. [It was ] a female figure with a basket (Schaefer 1908, 39, Abb.46).

Dated early 12 dyn. (p. 59).

Reference (Bibliography)

Tooley A M J, Middle Kingdom Burial Customs, a Study of Wooden Models Related Material, 1989, University of Liverpool - PhD thesis., 1989


  1. sat-bastt