Ancient Asyut was the capital of the Thirteenth nome of Upper Egypt (Lycopolites Nome). The two most prominent gods of Asyut were Anubis and Wepwawet, both funerary deities.

During the First Intermediate Period, the nomarchs Khety I, Itefibi, and Khety II were supporters of the Herakleopolitan kings, of whose domain the Nome formed the southern limits. The conflict between this Nome and the southern Nomes under the early rulers of the Eleventh dynasty ended with the victory of Thebes and the decline of Asyut's importance.

In the Asyut necropolis (west of the modern city) are tombs dated to the Ninth, Tenth and Twelfth dynasties and the Ramessid tombs of Siese and Amenhotep. adapted from Wikipedia


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