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combination: baking / brewing / butchery
Breasted: 6. New York, Metropolitan Museum, 11.150.12 Twelfth dynasty. Slaughter: man cuts throat of bound ox, while assistant catches blood in bowl to cook it in large dish in the corner. Brewing: near vats, and jars, standing man pounds grain in mortar with pestle, while another seated brewer stirs mash or dough in jar. Baking: seated man forms cakes on slabs, while another tends oven. Two large grinding mills were probably operated by two women (now lacking), and another woman may have watched oven on which conical loaves of bread are baking.
From Meir. Purchased. 49 cm. x 30 cm.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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Breasted Classification
II-4-2 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - Model Scenes of Baking, Brewing, and Slaughtering. - Type 2 : Scenes of baking, brewing and slaughtering in one room or house.
49 cm x 30 cm
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BreastedJnr-1948 , II-4-2 6.
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