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combination: baking / brewing
Breasted: 8. Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Museum, 1914.71 (Pl. 37a). Twelfth dynasty. Five figures: 1. Man, 14.5 cm. high, face missing: upper part of body dark red, lower, white; wears black wig and short white skirt of coarse linen, engaged in straining mash through sieve into vat; mesh of sieve indicated by painted lines crossing at right angles; stands with left arm resting on edge of sieve, right arm bent over left hand. 2. Standing male overseer, 15 cm. high, wearing short black wig and skirt of coarse linen extending from waist to ankle; right arm extended, left slightly raised from side. 3. Squatting woman, 10 cm. high, wearing long black wig, and white garment from waist; flesh, buff, both arms missing. 4. Woman, 11.5 cm. high, grinding grain on saddle-stone or quern; flesh, buff. 5. Woman, 12.5 cm. high, similar to No. 4, with addition of long coarse linen skirt. Two ovens: 1. Domed oven, painted white with black lines radiating vertically from top; triangular opening at bottom. 2. Oven in shape of truncated cone with three incised rings, each having vertically incised grooves forming a checker pattern in which the squares have been painted red; rest of oven is white; triangular opening at base. Such an oven was probably used for baking breads which had first been placed in conical baked clay vessels.
From Beni Hasan (?). Purchased from Martyn Kennard Collection. Base: 32 cm. x 18.5 cm. Ranke, Art of Ancient Egypt, fig. 82.
Beni Hasan
National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
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II-4-1 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - Model Scenes of Baking, Brewing, and Slaughtering. - Baking and brewing in same house or room.
Base 32 cm x 18.5 cm
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BreastedJnr-1948 , II-4-1 8, Pl. 37a
Ranke-1936 , Pl. 82
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