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Breasted: 1. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 04.1781 (Pl. 33). Eleventh dynasty. Four male figures: one man is cutting up a bound ox with knife held in right hand. Second man, with left leg slightly raised, and leaning forward with arms outstretched, probably held bowl in which to catch blood. Third man stands with arms out-stretched, and carries ox's left foreleg. Fourth man fans with left hand a circular hearth; his fan is yellow and black, and the hearth red, dark red, and white. Where the butcher cuts the ox there are alternate red and white stripes; butcher's skirt is spotted with ox blood. First and third figures appear to have short blond or white hair, while second and fourth wear black wigs.
From Asyut, tomb No. 7 (of Nakhti). Purchased. Dimensions of base: width: 42.5 cm.; length: 44 cm.; height Of figures: 44 cm. Cf. MFA Bull., April, 1905, pp. 13, 14; Chassinat, Fouilles d'Assiout, Pl. XV, I, text, p. 50.
MFA-- This model shows a butchers shop, with a trussed ox whose haunches will be offered at a tomb or temple. From Asyut, tomb 7, pit 1; Dynasty 11, 2134-1991 B.C.; painted wood. H: 44 cm L: 44 cm W: 42.5 cm. Emily Esther Sears Fund
No. 7
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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II-3-2 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - Men Butchering Cattle and Preparing Meat. - Model scenes of servants slaughtering animals and preparing meat.
Height 44 cm L 44 cm W 42.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
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