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Breasted: 16. London, British Museum, 2463 (Pl. 13d). Middle Kingdom. This model is unique. On the roof in a rectangular shelter open on one side sits a man on a chair with a back. While his arms are bent, they extend forward with the back of each hand vertical, and the fingers closed as though to hold something. He wears a necklace and a white skirt. A woman stands in the court below. rolling dough in a kneading trough. A stairway leads to the roof from the court. An outside door to the court swings in on its own pegs, one in the floor, the other in the doorframe above. Each of the three grain bins has a door at the side for drawing out the grain when needed. Each door has a knob in the form of a peg. and slides vertically in two grooves made for the purpose, one at each side.
Provenance not stated. British Museum, Guide to 4th, 5th and 6th Egyptian Rooms, pp. 21-23.
BM Website : From Thebes. Height 18.0 cm.
British Museum, London
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Breasted Classification
I-3-1-B PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Storage of Food. - Model granaries with workmen storing grain. - Wooden models of granary storehouses, usually with human figures.
Height 18.0 cm
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BreastedJnr-1948 , I-3-1-B 16, Pl. 13d
BritMuseum-1922 , pp. 21-23
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