Model Type
combination: baking / brewing / butchery
From VM website: Inv Nr: VM0347 - Period: Middle Kingdom - Provenance: Sedment
- Material: Wood, polychrome paint - Dimensions: L: 33.5, W: 27, H: 18.5 cm - Preservation: Intact
Accession: Purchased by Pehr Lugn from Petrie along with other objects from Sedment.
Description: Combined butcher baker brewer model. Such models were placed in Middle Kingdom tombs in order to provide the deceased with food.
Publication: Save-Soderbergh, Egyptisk egenart, p.117, fig. 42.
Petrie 1924a, p. 11: Tomb 2107 "had another complete set of models, but the ka figure had disappeared, like the rest of the burial. Here the domestic scene and the maids [i.e. offering bearers] came first, at the north: then the granary; [then the boats]. In this case, the tools were lying in a little bundle in the granary"
Note: The attribution to tomb 2107 is based on the distribution list in Petrie's Sedment. In this list Uppsala is allotted items from tombs 378, 2106 and 2107. The models from 2106 are in the Glyptotek at Copenhagen (e.g. 1571) - Uppsala has the inner coffin and some sticks (Jorgensen, 2002). Tomb 378 is a puzzle - it is not mentioned in the body of the text nor in the index and its contents are unknown. Since the style of the Uppsala model is very like that of the models from tomb 2106, and of the other model from 2107, it seems likely that it is from 2107. However, the Uppsala catalogue does not seem to mention the other two models from Sedment.
Museum Gustavianum, Uppsala University
Accession number
Length 33.5 Width 27 Height 18.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
Petrie-etal-1924 , I p. 11
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