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file of offering bearers
Tooley-1989 Thesis (p.206 ) :
Bershah, purchased. BM 30719. H.32.2 cms (plate 44: 1). Three offering-bearers in a restored group scene. The 2 females stand with feet together wearing knee length white dresses with one strap over the left shoulder and short hair, parted in the middle, falling to a carved point behind. On the heads are trapezoid baskets supported by the left arms held straight (the second figure is wrongly restored with the right arm in the up position; the hand is clenched). The first figure has the right arm held out straight in front, the hand pierced. The final figure is male, carrying a sack on his back. The faces have eyes set straight, outlined in black, the inner canthi marked and having a cosmetic line. The brows are straight but slanted. By eye style, possibly early 12 dyn. (cf. p. 188. JE 49634, Mo'alla)
Early 12th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley Thesis p. 206
British Museum, London
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Height 32.2 cm
References (Bibliography)
Tooley-1989 , pp. 206,232, Ill. 44:1
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