Model Type
offering bearer
Tooley-1989 Thesis (p.196):
Purchased at Akhmim 1888. BM 20867. H.64.7 cms (plate 38: 2, 39:1). Female figure with feet together wearing a white skirt with red, green and blue block design hem and waist band, and red braces which pass round the breasts. Polychrome bracelets and anklets are worn, along with a red meleagrina shell pendant. On the head is a polychrome wicker cushion-like object steadied by the left arm bent sharply at the elbow. The right arm is bent in front of the body, the pierced hand empty. The feet are cut from the same wood as the base without the space between them cut out. The rest of the body is joined at the ankles. The hair is short and full bottomed with deep striations running across the head. The square face is large with a firm jaw, small pursed lips, wedge nose and slanting eyes. These latter are outlined in black with cosmetic line, inner and outer canthi marked and the brows arching, the outer edges being straight (purchased by Budge). Mid to late 12 dyn. (compare West Berlin 22, Deir el-Bahri. p. 193).
Mid to late 12th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley Thesis p. 196
British Museum, London
Accession number
Height 64.7 cm
References (Bibliography)
Tooley-1989 , pp. 196,229, Ill. 38:2. 39:1
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