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offering bearer / files of offering bearers
Breasted: 3. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 21.326 (Pl. 63). Twelfth dynasty. A procession of three women led by a priest. He holds a long slim jar against left shoulder, grasping lower end with left hand; right hand at side, holds a mirror case; he wears a long white skirt which is triangular in front; nude to waist; his hair is as though shaved. The foremost woman carries basket on her head covered with a tray. Next woman carries a basket on her head containing five jars; she and the woman ahead of her both hold a bird in the right hand. The last of the three female figures has lost her burden, which from the position of her hands at shoulder level may well have been a calf or a lamb. First woman has medium length headdress, second woman rather short headdress, and third woman long headdress.
From El Bersheh, tomb of Dehuti-nekht, pit 10A. Length: 66.5 cm. Dunham, MFA Bull., Aug., 1921, pp. 45-46; Febr., 1941, p. 10, figures on p. 9. Technique much finer than No. 2 above.
Late 11th to early 12th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Freed-etal-2009, App. B
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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Breasted Classification
IV-1-4 SERVANTS CARRYING SUPPLIES FOR DECEASED, AND FUNERAL SCENES - Servants Carrying Supplies for Deceased. - Processions of men and women servants bringing supplies.
Restored in 1988 - The Bersha Procession: A New Reconstruction, Roth & Roehrig, JMFA 1 (1989)
Length 66.5 cm
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