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Garstang Inventory: ix. Model of granary.
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A wooden model of a granary, a square building with a door that swings open on a pivot. An oblong bin is at one end, next to it steps lead up to the roof. In the roof are four holes through which fresh corn would be poured into bins. A scribe sits on the roof in a corner, making note of the measures carried up, another man climbs the steps and a third figure stands in the yard below.
width=38 cm.
Tooley-1989 (p102) : Tomb BH1 LM 55.82.2. H.27 x W.37 x L.37 cms. Tomb BH1 contained a tall square structure with sharply peaked corners (c. 45 deg). The outer surface of the walls have been coarsely plastered white. The door in the left corner leads to the court in which are 4 magazines against the back wall. The windows are painted a dull red. Stairs to the left give onto the terrace in which are 4 holes. On the terrace is seated the scribe with a writing board and palette. Two labourers fill grain sacks and carry them up the stairs (Garstang 1904 220; 1907, 57-8, figs.41-4; Bienkowski 1986, 38). Dated 11 dyn. or earlier (p. 44).
Beni Hasan
Tomb I
11th Dyn. or earlier
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 102
Liverpool Museum, Liverpool
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I-3-1-B PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Storage of Food. - Model granaries with workmen storing grain. - Wooden models of granary storehouses, usually with human figures.
Length 37 cm
References (Bibliography)
Garstang-1907a , Fig. 44.
Garstang-1907a , Inventory pp. 211-243
Tooley-1989 , pp. 44, 102
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