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fragmentary - offering bearer
From Harrogate Museum web site: A wooden female figure dating to the Twelfth Dynasty (c. 1991–1802 BC). The figure is shown striding with the nipples, pubic region, and navel indicated in black paint. A hole in the head suggests the figure is an offering bearer. She wears a tripartite wig. There is a painted line around the remaining right foot, possibly representing the colour of a base? The right arm is pendant and is made from a separate piece of wood. The missing left arm would have likely been raised to support a basket upon her head. This figure was excavated by John Garstang at Beni Hasan between 1902–1904. It was gifted to Martyn Kennard, who sponsored Garstang's work, before being sold at auction in 1912. It was acquired by the Kent family who bequeathed it to Harrogate Museum in 1968.
Beni Hasan
Twelfth Dynasty
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Museum Web site.
The Harrogate Museum, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
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On loan to Swansea
Height: 178mm, Width: 34mm, Depth: 26mm
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