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Breasted: 2. Copenhagen, Glyptothèque Ny Carlsberg, A 519 (Pl. 32c). Intermediate period. Two figures: water carrier with pair of jars suspended from yoke walks from entrance toward standing brewer, who is straining mash through sieve into large vat. There are also two other vats full of fermenting mash, and near them in front of an inner door are four smaller jars. Near the other inner door on the brewer's right are four large, apparently sealed beer jars. One wall of the court is lower than the others to let in air and light; evidence of two columns from its upper surface to the height of the three other walls indicates that the whole building was roofed over.
Also as I-3-3 : Several joints of meat hang on a line from a balcony above a brewing scene which is going on in the court below.
From Sakkara, tomb of Gemniemhet. Ninth dynasty. Length: 50 cm.; width. 42 cm.; height: 40 cm. Firth-Gunn, Teti Pyramid Cemeteries, I, p. 53; II, Pl. 28, A, B; Mogensen, La Collection Egyptienne, Pl. LXVI, text, p. 69. A 519 is from old catalogue (see Jorgensen)
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
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Breasted Classification
II-2-4 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - The Manufacture of Beer. - Model brewing scenes.
Length 50 cm Width. 42 cm Height 40 cm
References (Bibliography)
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