Model Type
combination: baking / butchery / offering bearer / brewing
Breasted: 2. Copenhagen, Glyptothèque Ny Carlsberg, A 505 (Pl. 39a). Eight figures: 1. Slaughter: standing man cutting ox's throat. 2. Brewing: two porters, one of them a woman, carrying baskets on their heads and in the case of the woman a bird is in right hand; two standing male figures whose task is not clear. 3. Bread-making: figure grinding flour, and second figure probably tending fire in cylindrical oven. Two vats and a large jar streaked with dough are present.
From Sedment, tomb of Wazet-hotp. Ninth dynasty. Petrie-Brunton, Sedment, 1, Pl. XX, 3, text, p. 7; Mogensen, La Collection Egyptienne, Pl. LXIII, text, p. 66. Height: 38 cm. Note Breasted's Acc. A 505 is from old catalogue (see Jorgensen)
Tooley-1989 (p. 20): and a composite model representing a baker-brewer-butcher with integral offerer (AEIN 1571. 1924a, 11, XX:3; Breasted 1948, 40, pl. 39a; Mogensen 1930, 66, LXIII).
Tooley-1989 (p. 217):
20. Tomb 2106 of W3dt-Htp. AEIN 1571. H.22 cms (plate 56). An integral offering-bearer on a baker-brewer-butcher model. The female figure stands with feet together wearing a dress with one strap over the left shoulder covered by a linen strip. The hair is short in front and long at the back. On the head is a large flaring trapezoid basket with 4 beer jars, supported by the left arm bent at the elbow, held forward of the shoulder, the hand closing over the top of it. In the pendant right hand a large duck is held by the wings. The long oval face has shallowly modelled features and painted eyes set at an angle, with cosmetic lines and straight brows (Petrie 1924a, 11, XX: 3; Mogensen 1930, 211, LXIII). Dated 10/11 dyn. (p. 20-1).
21. Tomb 2106. AEIN 1571. Dimensions unknown. On the same model is a male figure with feet together wearing a short kilt and full bottomed hair. On the head is a small square basket supported by the right arm bent at the elbow. The left arm is pendant. Date as above.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
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Breasted Classification
II-4-2 PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF FOOD - Model Scenes of Baking, Brewing, and Slaughtering. - Type 2 : Scenes of baking, brewing and slaughtering in one room or house.
Height 38 cm
References (Bibliography)
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