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Breasted: 11. Berlin Museum, 13758 (Pl. 12b). Twelfth dynasty. Original position of figurines is not certain, present location being mainly determined by holes in, or marks on, the floor. The figures have unnaturally long arms; otherwise they could not reach their tasks. Heads appear to have been made by sawing off sections of a round piece of doweling; hence they resemble drums, and do not have chins, noses or mouths. Other activities depicted in court include grinding grain, brewing beer, and cooking. Two men carry grain sacks up the stairs. A third porter, squatting on roof, empties the contents of his sack through a hole into the bin below. Nearby on low block sits a clerk keeping count of the number of measures of grain which go into each bin.
From tomb of Henuy, Nag'el-Gharira, Gebelein. Length: 54 cm.; width. 42 cm.; height: 26 cm.
Steindorff, Grabfunde, II, pp. 24, 25; Berlin, Ausf. Verz., fig. 91, pp. 101-102; Aeg. u. Orders. Alert., Pl. 101.
Tooley-1989 (p. 114): Gebelein tomb of Hnwy. East Berlin 13758. H.26 x W.42 x L.54 cms. The granary is rectangular with its door in the right corner leading to the court. In the court activities such as brewing are taking place. Across the back wall is a row of 2 magazines with painted windows. The magazines are mounted by stairs on the right which give onto the terrace which is screened on 3 sides by the enclosure wall which at this point is higher than at the front. On the terrace is a squatting scribe next to a table bearing 6 beer jars (Steindorff 1901, 24-5, nos. 24-5; Breasted 1948, 14, pl. 12b).
Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin
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Breasted Classification
I-3-1-B PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Storage of Food. - Model granaries with workmen storing grain. - Wooden models of granary storehouses, usually with human figures.
was in Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (East Berlin)
Length 54 cm Width. 42 cm Height 26 cm
References (Bibliography)
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Steindorff-1901 , pp. 24, 25
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