Model Type
file of offering bearers
Tooley-1989 pp. 11-12:
One of the largest pre-MK groups of models was located in a floor niche in tomb A1 of ny-anx-ppy-km at Meir ... The servant models may be divided into 2 groups by their distinct workmanship, each group forming a set, evidently the work of 2 separate craftsmen. ...The second group, whilst closely resembling the first set are less accomplished and less finely finished (CG 237, CG 238, CG 239, CG 242, CG 247, CG 249, CG 250, CG 251, CG 252, CG 253). ...
Tooley-1989 p. 183: CG 250. H.56-9 cms. A group of 3 female offering-bearers were found on one base walking in single file, each of diminishing height. All figures wear white dresses with a single strap over the right shoulder and have closely cropped black hair. The head loads are of the closed trapezoid basket or chest variety. The front figure steadies the load with the straight left arm, the right hanging pendant. The remaining 2 figures hold both arms up straight (Grebaut 1890-1900, 37, XXXIX; Borchardt 1911, 161, bl.54; Breasted 1948, 61). From model group 2. Dated post 6 dyn. (p. 12).
Tomb A1
Ny-ankh-pepi Kem
Post 6th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 12
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
CG 250
Catalogue Général (CG)
Height 56.9 cm
References (Bibliography)
Borchardt-1930 , Vol III, pp. 155-163, pl. 49-55
Tooley-1989 , pp. 11,12,183
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