Model Type
offering bearer
Tooley-1989 p. 186: Tomb of iSTi: JE 88579. H.34 cms. Female offering-bearer in walking pose wearing a white dress with 2 broad straps covering the breasts and a white headcloth drawn tight to the skull and falling just below the nape of the neck. Round the headcloth is a black fillet. The head load is a closed chest supported by the left arm slightly bent at the elbow. The pendant right hand has lost its bird (Lauer 1950, 16, p1.2c right; Drioton 1958, 216, pls.10a-b right, lab right). The oval face has wide eyes set at an angle, with inner canthi marked. The brows are straight but curve at the outer edges. Dated post 6 dyn. (p. 9).

Lauer-1950 p. 16 A statuette of an offering bearer in painted wood (pl. II, c, right), 34 cm in height of the top of the head above the base. She carries on her head a rectangular box or basket, which she holds with her left arm, the right one hanging alongside the body. Painted in yellow ochre, she is dressed in a dress with a neckline at the back and which hugs her form. The overly strong head and the thick ankles are unfortunately not in harmony with the elegance of the rest of the body.

iSTi (Icheti)
iSTi (Icheti)
Post 6th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 9
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 88579
Height 34 cm
References (Bibliography)
Drioton-Lauer-1958 , pp. 33-44 207-227, Pl. IV-XIII
Lauer-1950 , pp. 15-18
Tooley-1989 , pp. 186,9
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