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cattle husbandry
Breasted: 1. Cairo Museum, JE 46724 (Pl. 6). Eleventh dynasty. Meketre sits in a chair on a porch covered by roof which is supported by four slim columns and back wall. On his left sits his son and heir; on his right four clerks are seated in a row. On and near porch stand several butlers and stewards, each with left foot forward, and,. facing straight forward. In the court itself, some nine men, each armed with a stick, are driving seventeen head of cattle past reviewing stand for Meketre's inspection. Most of the animals are spotted; two are white. Several have been caught in realistic movement, especially the white one in the corner farthest from Meketre on his left. Great attention is paid to detail; even the drains on porch roof are rendered to scale.
From tomb of Meketre at Deir el Bahari. Winlock, MMA Bull., Dec., 1920, pt. II, fig. 8, pp. 18, 26. Length of base: 1.73 m.; height of men: 20 cm.
GlobalEgMus web page: height=55 cm. width=72 cm. length=172 cm.
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 46724
Breasted Classification
I-2-7 PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Cattle-breeding Scenes. - Inspection of livestock.
Height 55 cm Width 72 cm Length 172 cm
References (Bibliography)
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