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Butcher Shop Model - Middle Kingdom - Wood
Rectangular, Half Shows 1 Story, The Other, 2 Stories, Steps Leading From 1st Floor To 2nd Floor, 2 Figures On 2nd. Floor Hold Axes In Right Hand, 4 Engaged In Work.
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Middle Kingdom Dynasty XI-XII, ca. 2000-1700 B.C. Wood, painted H 33.1 cm, W 41.0 cm. Purchased in Cairo, 1920 OIM 11197
A butcher's shop, like the one represented by this model, was part of many large estates In ancient Egypt. On the ground-level floor, a trussed bovine is being slaughtered while workmen go about their related tasks. A stairway at the right side of the shop leads to the second floor where two figures stand, cleavers raised, perhaps to receive the meat for carving.
Painted wooden models of daily-life activities were commonly placed in Middle Kingdom tombs to serve the deceased in the next life.
(p. 7, OIC Museum Highlights,1989).
11-12th Dyn.
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Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, Chicago
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E 11197
Width 41.0 cm
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