Model Type
combination: baking / brewing / butchery
Ipswich website: Wooden model scene showing six male carved figures engaged in various domestic activities. Activities shown are bread and beer preparation and the slaughter of a cow. One standing figure holds a long pestle inserted into a red-painted mortar, probably intended to show crushing grain. The upper part of the pestle is pegged into the arm. Another figure is squatting near the mortar with the hands on the ground perhaps to add grain or remove the crushed grain. [...] Nearby, is a seated figure with arms outstretched over a saddle quern, grinding grain for flour. [...] Next to this is a figure standing over a large vat. [...] This may represent the brewing of beer. [...] To the right of the figure are two men, with a darker red skin colour. These are engaged in the slaughter of an ox. The animal is shown lying on one side and is white with black markings. The upper foreleg is pegged to the body. Nearby, one figure is kneeling and holding a vessel, perhaps to catch blood from the slit throat of the animal. [...] The other figure is standing, leaning slightly over the animal. [...] All of the men are shown with black hair in a short, rounded style and wear knee-length kilts. Three of the figures, the two involved in butchery and the one holding the pestle, are shown with distinctly red painted skin, while the others are of a paler yellow colour. [...] The base of the model is a roughly carved thin rectangular piece of wood with the upper surface painted yellow.
Measurements - length 33 cm approx. ; width 25 cm approx. ; height 20 cm approx. total
Petrie's excavations, context unkown
Dynasty 9
Ref. for dating
Ipswich Museum (2025BCE-2160BCE)
Ipswich Museum, Suffolk, UK
Accession number
IPSMG : R.1921-89.66
Length 33 cm approx. Width 25 cm approx. Height 20 cm
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internal ID: 1452