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GlobalEgMus: -- A granary model that shows the activities for storing, measuring, and distributing grain.
This model is divided into two levels. On the first level, three standing male figures carry sacks of grain on their shoulders. Nearby, a fourth figure is kneeling slightly forward and holds pails in his hands for measuring and distributing grain.
On the right is a ramp. A squatting scribe, facing right, records the amount of grain. height=22 cm. width=43 cm. length=43 cm.
This granary is probably to be identified with the following. The descriptions match, the Eg. Mus. accession date is 1910, and the dimensions agree closely (but not identically). The donkeys from the same tomb are in the Cairo Museum.

Kamal ASAE 11 (1911) pp. 22-25: A square wooden granary, (41.5 X 41.5 cm X 21 cm high). It contains three bins arranged in a single line, with a staircase leading to the roof on the right. Each bin is equipped with a hole opening onto the terrace which was stored grain, and a door flush with ground. All still contain barley, but some chickpeas spilled onto the terrace and some barley into the court. In it are three men one behind the other: the first goes up the stairs and unloads in the bins a bag of barley that he carries on his left shoulder, the other two follow suit behind him. Beside them, a scribe is crouched with an oblong board on his knees, on which he records the amount of stored barley. A measurer checks the barley that the others have brought.
Middle Kingdom
Ref. for dating
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
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JE 42857
41.5 x 41.5 cm x 21 cm
References (Bibliography)
Kamal-1911 , Annales ASAE XI. p. 22-5
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