Model Type
farmyard? / cattle husbandry
Tooley-1989 pp. 41-42:
Tomb 21 was of the HAty-a, Xrp-nsty, imy-r Hm-nTr, imn-m-HAt (Kamal 1901a, 17-32; Porter and Moss 1934, 184) associated with the rock-cut tomb 3. Much remained of the disturbed burial including ... [a] curious model consisting of 5 recumbent oxen, a tower of 3 storeys, a cloaked overseer and a crouched figure (Cairo cat. 2311. 1901a, 31, fig. 7; Hayes 1953, 255).>br>Kamal-1901a p. 31:
A plank (length 79 cmt. width 24 cm.) on which were fixed (fig.7)

1° A quadrangular tower (dovecote) with a crenellated top and windows, and fences on the sides. The bottom of the four sides painted in black, the top in yellow, the windows in red and black. The bottom of the grids is yellow with black and red nets.
2° Five oxen, three of them lying down.
3° A man sitting on the ground

Global Egyptian Museum :

A model of a farmyard is rare. Usually, a farmyard was only depicted as a wall relief among scenes of daily life.
This model farmyard has a high pigeon tower on one side and cattle lying down on the other. Two men are seated among the cattle.
A man wearing a wig is feeding a cow that has patches of colored hair on its hide. Pigeons are perched in the window of the tower. height=81 cm.

Tomb 21
Middle Kingdom
Ref. for dating
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 34293
Height 81 cm
References (Bibliography)
Kamal-1901a , Annales ASAE II, p. 31
Tooley-1989 , p. 41-2
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