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Tooley-1989 p.114: Bershah tomb E14, south, of Spi III. JE 32831. W.26 x L.36 cms (plate 23:2). This tomb produced a set of well made models which included a rectangular structure without peaked walls. The door is in the right corner opposite which, against the back wall is a canopy for the 2 seated scribes. A further scribe and the overseer with 3b-sceptre stand outside the canopy. Along the left wall is a row of 4 open topped magazines mounted by stairs running parallel to the magazine fronts. In the court 5 labourers measure and carry grain sacks (Daressy 1900, 38-9, fig.1). Dated 12 dyn., time of Senwosret II to III (p. 64-5).

Daressy 1900, 38-9: Model of a granary, measuring 36 by 26 cm. The door is towards the corner, on one of the short sides and gives access into a square courtyard in the middle of which a man, a measure in hand is measuring the wheat.Beside the door a scribe is standing, a stylus slipped behind his ear, the pallet under his left arm, inscribing the proclaimed quantities of grain on a roll of papyrus. Beside him are placed on the ground a rectangular chest and a cylindrical box containing the owner's archives.On the side there is a small shed under which Spi is crouching next to his steward who, a papyrus unrolled on his knees, undoubtedly checks whether the grain counts are regular.Other servants take away the measured wheat: one of them is still in the courtyard, loading a sack on his shoulder; two others climb the stairs leading to the store terrace, in which a last servant will empty his bag. The granary is divided into three compartments.

E14 south
Senwosret II to III
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 64
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 32831
Length 36 cm
References (Bibliography)
Daressy-1900 , p. 38
Tooley-1989 , pp. 64,114, Ill. 23:2
Tooley-1999 , Fig 39
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