Model Type
pair of offering bearers
Garstang Inventory: iii. Two female figures, one with basket in hand, other basket on head.
Tooley-1989 p. 213: 22. Tomb BH585. JE 37569. H.37.8 cms (plate 51). A pair of female figures standing side-by-side with feet together, entirely naked except for elaborate polychrome collars, covered by strips of linen. The modelling and stature as above. The hair is long with the lappets ending in vertical lines representing plaited hair. The pubises are represented by black stippling. The left hand figure has the right arm raised in front to hold a large hs-vase. The right hand figure has on the head a trapezoid basket, the basketry marked, supported by the left arm bent at the elbow. The right hand holds a large bird by the legs. The faces are as above except that the eyes are outlined in blue with cosmetic lines and straight blue brows (Garstang 1904 b , 223; 1907 a , 95, fig.85; Breasted 1948, 66). Date as above.
Beni Hasan
BH 585
Either Neter-Nekhta or Khnem-Nekhta
11th Dyn. to Senwosret I
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 47
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 37569
Breasted Classification
IV-1-3-F SERVANTS CARRYING SUPPLIES FOR DECEASED, AND FUNERAL SCENES - Servants Carrying Supplies for Deceased. - Women servants singly, or in rows of two or more, bring supplies for deceased. - Middle Kingdom.
Height 37.8 cm
References (Bibliography)
Garstang-1907a , p. 95, fig. 85
Tooley-1989 , pp. 47, 213, 234, Ill. 51:
Tooley-1999 , Fig 13
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