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Garstang 72-3: [This granary] was a model more striking in its completeness and its realism than any other of its kind. Like the others it is made of wood, coated with light yellow plaster. The outer walls are represented with raised corners. A door in the middle foreside opens into a courtyard within, on either side of which are the grain bins, with doors modelled and painted. The floor is covered with grain, amid which the labourers stand knee-deep at their work. The whole conception is the same as that of the granary previously described. The doors are closed, to be tied and sealed by means of pins, one driven into the door and the other into the frame. A flight of steps leads up to the roof, wherein corresponding to each bin are the holes through which the grain is to be poured. Three labourers are at work in the courtyard, filling the baskets which are to be carried up and emptied; while upon the roof in a conveniently central position there sits, as before, the overseer of the work, with a pen in his hand and a writing tablet upon his knee. At his right side is a small table, upon which is placed a combined pen-box and ink-wells. The dimensions of this model are 61 cms. in length and breadth, and 25 cms. in height, which becomes 33 cms. at the raised corners. Upon the outer wall, to the left of the door frame are three signs in hieratic writing, which are not, however, easy to read.
Inventory: ix. Model of granary, four figures.
Tooley-1989 p.48: Tomb BH116 of Nfry. H.33 x W.25 x L.61 cms. The narrow rectangular model has moderately peaked corners (c. 33deg.). The door is in the middle of the right wall giving access to a central court flanked by 3 magazines on each side with painted windows. At the opposite end of the court are the stairs leading to the right set of magazines where the scribe sits with his writing board. Four labourers work in the court amongst real grain seeds (Garstang 1904 b , 218, 220, 11:5, 111:7; 1907 a , 72-3, figs.56, 60). Dated 11 dyn. to Senwosret II (p . 48).
Beni Hasan
BH 116
11th Dyn. to Senwosret II
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 48
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 37563
Breasted Classification
I-3-1-B PRODUCTION AND STORAGE OF FOOD - Storage of Food. - Model granaries with workmen storing grain. - Wooden models of granary storehouses, usually with human figures.
JE 37563 seems to be accession number for whole burial contents
Height 33 x Width 25 x Length 61 cm
References (Bibliography)
Garstang-1907a , Inventory pp. 211-243
Garstang-1907a , pp. 72-3, fig. 60
Tooley-1989 , pp. 48,105
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