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Adapted from Ombres d'Egypte (p. 128) : Model representing a potter - stucco and painted wood
L 24.3 cm. W 10.6 cm H: 23 cm - Unknown provenance - Middle Kingdom
This model challenges the viewer in its modern simplicity silence, contrasting sharply with the noise, the complexity of a classical model. The question that arises is what this crouching man is preparing, while fanning a fire with a stick lodged in his oven. This seems very small, but this is not perhaps significant. Although we may be dealing with a brewer, it is, however, possible, that we are in the presence of a potter. A good parallel is found in the tomb of Amenemhet at Beni Hassan. in respect of the figure's gesture,- protecting his face from the heat. The container that surmounts the oven, again, does not seem suitable for the preparation of beer, but could, on the other hand, be evidence of the working of clay. The presentation of liquid offerings in particular, is inconceivable without containers.
Middle Kingdom
Ref. for dating
Ombres p. 128
Private Collection,
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Height 23 cm
References (Bibliography)
Warmenbol-1999 , p. 128, Cat Num 168
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