Model Type
concubine figure
Breasted: 7. Limoges, Musee Municipal de l'Evêché. Twelfth dynasty. Wood. Nude except for necklace, bracelets, and anklets.
From Meir, excavations of M. and Madame Périchon-Bey. Height: 30 cm. Delpech-Laborie, Guide- Catalogue Sommaire, Pl. 11, No. 9, text, pp. 26-27.
Mus. BAL website: Stuccoed and painted wood / Height 32.5 cm, 8.5 x 20 cm base - Inv. E974
Wooden statuette of a naked woman, shown standing in a rigid posture, legs straight and arms at your sides, hands open. His eyes are inlaid fixed by copper strips. Her hair, jewelry adorning her neck, wrists and feet, ties his shoes and some anatomical details are painted black or dark green.
The first statues known as "concubines" placed in tombs appear in the Middle Kingdom. Ivory, wood or earthenware, these figures are often depicted naked bejeweled. They symbolize femininity and ensure the deceased maintaining vital functions in the afterlife.
FIP or early MK
Ref. for dating
BAL website
Musée Municipal de l'Evêché, Limoges
Accession number
E974 (cat. som. 9)
Breasted Classification
VII-1-4 CONCUBINES AND OTHER GROUPS OF RETAINERS - Concubines. - Nude female figures with legs together and arms at sides.
Height 32.5 cm Base 8.5 x 20 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , VII-1-4 7.
Delpech-Laborie-1939 , Pl. 11, No. 9, text, pp. 26-27
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