Model Type
donkeys / pack animals / transport
Breasted: 4. Toronto, Royal Museum of Archaeology. Very similar to previous examples.
Twelfth dynasty. Purchased from Casira. Said to be from Meir. ... Another similar example: Cairo Museum, Guide 3213. - Wreszinski, Atlas, Pl. 61.
From Royal Ontario Mus: two men driving two donkeys with burdens stuccoed and painted in red, ochre, black and white; said to come from Cemetery at Meir near Assiut. Each donkey carries a saddle-shaped burden dowelled to the animal's back and probably representing two sacks. Each sack contains roughly cut inscription pr hd (Royal Treasury).
Base: 39.4 cm. x 18.3 cm. x 2.3 cm. height of front figure. 22.3 cm. height of rear figure: 32.5 cm. height of donkeys (without loads). 17.5 cm.
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Accession number
Breasted Classification
V-1-2 SERVANTS PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION - Land Transportation. - Men driving loaded donkeys.
Height of figure 32.5 cm Height of donkeys without loads. 17.5 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , V-1-2 4.
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