Model Type
offering bearer
Breasted: 5. Cairo Museum. Modelling around mouth suggests a strained expression caused by weight of head load. Figure was originally wrapped in linen garment. From Beni Hasan, tomb of Nefery (No. 116). Height: 48 cm. Garstang, Burial Customs, fig. 61, p. 74, fig. 64, p. 76.
Tooley-1989 p.214: Tomb BH116 of Nfry. JE 37563. H.48 cms (plate 53). Female figure with feet together, entirely naked. The body has little modelling and the pubis is indicated by black stippling. The hair is long. On the head is a large square trapezoid basket supported by the left arm bent sharply at the elbow, the hand closing over the top of it. In the pendant right hand a bird is held by the wings. The crude oval face has a wedge nose, thick lips and round painted eyes (Garstang 1904b, 218-9, 11:6; 1907 a ,76-7, figs.61, 64; Breasted 1948, 65. SAOS neg. B419). Dated 11 dyn. to Senwosret II (p. 48).
Garstang Inventory: iv. Wood figure of girl with basket on head and pigeon in hand.
Beni Hasan
BH 116
11th Dyn. to Senwosret II
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 48
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 37563
Breasted Classification
IV-1-3-E SERVANTS CARRYING SUPPLIES FOR DECEASED, AND FUNERAL SCENES - Servants Carrying Supplies for Deceased. - Women servants singly, or in rows of two or more, bring supplies for deceased. - Twelfth dynasty.
JE 37563 seems to be accession number for whole burial contents
Height 48 cm
References (Bibliography)
BreastedJnr-1948 , IV-1-3-E 5.
Garstang-1907a , fig. 61, p. 74, fig. 64, p. 76
Tooley-1989 , pp. 48, 105, 214, Ill. 53:
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