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offering bearers (?pair)
Breasted: 6. Bristol, Museum and Art Gallery, H 550. Two conventional figures. 55 Provenance unknown. Said to be similar in style to figures in Ranke, Art of Ancient Egypt, fig. 77. Height. 25.4 cm.
Bristol Museum Web Site: 2 standing figures of women in a white garment, knee length with one shoulder. Their arms are attached by pegs, one holds a black and white bird, the other holds the angular basket on their heads. One woman's left arm is broken. Their skin is painted pale yellow, the hair is black, and the eyes are painted in black and white. Originally mounted on a modern painted base (removed for new display 2007).
Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol
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Breasted Classification
IV-1-3-D SERVANTS CARRYING SUPPLIES FOR DECEASED, AND FUNERAL SCENES - Servants Carrying Supplies for Deceased. - Women servants singly, or in rows of two or more, bring supplies for deceased. - Eleventh dynasty.
Height 25.4 cm
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BreastedJnr-1948 , IV-1-3-D 6.
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