Model Type
laundering or rope-making
Breasted: 2. Cairo Museum. At one end two standing men with left foot forward each hold a rod horizontally with both hands before them at about the level of the hips, and lean backwards a little. Near the other end is a peg driven into the base. Both men seem to be twisting rope or something similar. At the opposite end a standing man holding a club in his right hand is beating flax or papyrus fibre on a block of wood. A second beater holds his club with his right hand, resting it on his right shoulder, and carries his block under his left arm. The vertical peg protruding from the top of his head indicates that at one time he carried on his head some sort of burden, but the latter was not found. Near the active beater is an oven with a rounded top on which are placed four small circular containers evidently used for softening or dyeing the fibres.

Tooley-1989 (1999, p. 47) says: Model launderette. The sheets are cleaned by beating and dried by twisting on rods. The figur walking away from the scene carries on his head freshly laundered linen, and carries in his hands a beating board and club.

From Sakkara, tomb of Usermut (or Usernekhbet), and Anpuemhet. Base. 32 cm. x 18 cm.

11th Dyn.
Ref. for dating
Tooley-1989 p. 55
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Accession number
JE 46765
Breasted Classification
III-4-3 INDUSTRIES: CRAFTSMEN AND SHOPS - Workers in Leather, Flax, and Papyrus. - Flax- or papyrus-fibre workers.
Base 32 cm x 18 cm
References (Bibliography)
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